025 – Ryan Masters Talks Bodysurfing Mavericks, The 2018…

We are joined in studio this episode of the podcast by Ryan Masters ( @ryanmasters831 ); poet, writer, and big wave bodysurfer. Ryan’s bodysurfing career has taken him around the world sharing breaks with THE biggest names in the sport. This is the first time we have interviewed someone who been down the face of Mavericks, and the story is harrowing. The tradition continues of guests bringing their A game when coming on the show. We really get into the whole spectrum of bodysurfing related topics; fins, food, fear, and injury.



The Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association 

“The Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association was established in 1983 by Tom Mader, Julie Davis, and Horst Wolf.  These three shared a love for the perfect “A-frame” wave at Sunny Cove Beach in Santa Cruz, and decided to host a contest to promote the sport, with Churchill Fins as the main sponsor.  With safety and fun as the main focus of the Santa Cruz Bodysurfing Association, it didn’t take long for this contest to become a favorite event for bodysurfers from all over the world.  Soon, the SCBSA expanded to two contests a year:  the Cold Water Classic in the late fall (featuring ice cubes down your wetsuit!) And, the California Championships, usually held in the Spring.  Both of these contests were legendary in the bodysurfing world due to the FUN side of the competition. 

Events such as the Tandem and Pure were introduced as a way for participants to have as much time in the water as possible.  These events are still the favorites at SCBSA contests, sometimes drawing over 20 swimmers in the water at a time!  Also introduced by the SCBSA were new moves such as the “death cradle,” the “submarine,” the “Nixon,” and the “salute.”  Aside from contests, the SCBSA has taken a part in local events such as Save Our Shores, Surfrider Foundation, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  The Association has hosted a Wave Festival, a Porch to Porch bicycle event, ski trips, group trips to international bodysurfing competitions, and more.  For information of the SCBSA contests and events, see the links above.  Most important, be safe and have fun in the water!”

California Bodysurfing Championships



Pool Guard Session 1 (PGS1)

2-3 minutes for warm up

12 Min EMOM


25 fs + 10 push ups + 25m fs + 10 air squats


3 bottom of the pool touches + 50 css + 5 pool pushups


The Pool Guard Break Series

The next several workouts will be designed for pool lifeguards looking to use their breaks from the tower to improve their ability to respond.  Each session will be designed to last no longer than 20 minutes, but most will last 15 or so.

I hope you enjoy them, please post any scores in the comments section below.