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030 – Salty Water Rescue Crew Report From Panama…

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Zac James of Salty Water Rescue Crew. Zac is an EMT with a specialization in water rescue and remote emergency medicine and responded to Hurricane Micheal in the Panama Beach area with the NGO Salty Water Rescue Crew.  CAP is flexing its journalistic muscles by bringing our audience a first-hand account of the devastation and providing insight into what happens in the hours and days following a storm.

During a natural disaster, most people wisely try to get as far away as possible. A few brave souls move in the back through the fleeing throng of humanity to be ready to respond.  The first 24-48 hours following a disaster can be the most lethal. The demand is real.


Topics of note

  • Rapid response report from Mexico Beach in Panama City
  • The surgical precision of smaller NGO’s vs major NGO’s
  • Mission flexibility and its impact on gear selection
  • Sociological response patterns similarities between the Napa Fires and Hurricane Michelle
  • Opportunities to improve dispatch and distribution networks in crisis zones
  • Ways non-responders can support rescue efforts
  • The origin story of the Salty Water Rescue Crew
  • Ways CAP listeners can lead by example

Look for a follow-up episode going deeper in depth about ways to support the community.

Alternative Surf Craft

012 – Juan Macias of Cal Fire & Kpaloa…

Joe Jackson sat down with Juan Macias of Cal Fire after the Nor Cal Water Rescue Rodeo to talk about Juan’s path to service. Juan details his journey as a Fire Firefighter One (1) Seasonal from Mexico to the United States, and discusses how being bilingual has benefited him.


Kpaloa Classic OnGoing Review v1.0

Swim Fin Category:


Quiver Comp:



Super comfy
Soft foot pocket, firm tip
Great all day bodyboarding fin
Nice wide foot pocket


At 5’11 220 they felt a little underpowered in 4-6ft swell on a bodyboard

Where can I get them?



From Kpaloa’s website

“Founded in 1983 by Augusto Conti, son of a prominent rubber industrialist, KPALOA is a 100% Brazilian company specialized in the production of high performance surface swimfins made of high quality vulcanized rubber, for bodyboarding, bodysurfing, swimming and rescue.  Due to his know-how in rubber technology and his great love of sports, besides being focused, painstaking, and highly artistic, Augusto idealized the project at the very beginning of bodyboarding in Brazil, was passionate about it, and, ever since, has offered athletes a state-of-the-art product. “Something new is coming up at sea”, the slogan used by Kpaloa to launch its first model of swimfins! Since its creation, KPALOA has always aimed at producing the best swimfins in the world, giving athletes and lifeguards equipment that offers excellent propulsion, comfort, durability and safety.”






011 – NorCal Water Rescue Rodeo Debrief with Captain…

Aloha Pod Members,

Schep and Joe just got back from the rodeo! They spent all there time getting the episode ready, make sure to check back here for more information. (THEY WILL BE UPLOADING LINKS, VIDEOS, AND GALLERYS THROUGHOUT THE WEEK AS THEY FINISH PROCESSING)

Big thank you to Cal Fire Station 1166 for taking care of us, and welcoming our pod into their home.

Jesse Pitman Memorial 5K

Jesse Pittman was born and raised in the redwoods of northern California. As a young man, he spent two seasons as a wildland fire fighter with CAL Fire before he joined the United States Navy to become a SEAL commando. After completing his third deployment, Jesse volunteered to do another back-to-back. Jesse had a saying among his teammates, “I don’t run, I charge.” On August 6, 2011, Jesse was one of 31 American heroes lost in a helicopter crash over Afghanistan. Jesse died while living a life dedicated to service and conquering challenges. His next goal was to attend college and earn his bachelor’s degree. Now, Jesse’s wish will carry on with you.