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055 – Jose Martinez, One More Wave rider and…

Jose joins the boys to talk about working for the cartels before serving in the United States Army and how he has adjusted to life as a triple amputee. This is a can’t miss episode!

Would you like to support One More Wave? They sponsor our founders as well as over 300 other veterans around the country. Please CLICK HERE to see how you can support the mission.


048 – Slater’s guild to Orange County

We are joined on this episode of the podcast by our buddy, the gnarly Slater Thompson. If you missed Slater introducing himself on episode 45, you can check it out here

In this episode Slater takes through his favorite spots to ride, eat and chill in Surf City USA.


047 – S&C coach Rick Meldrum, MS, to talk…

We are joined this episode of the podcast by S&C coach Rick Meldrum, who cut his teeth as a Crossfit coach before becoming an accredited subject matter expert.  Rick talks about his experience working at West Point, UMASS Lowell, Hawaii and with private clients.

Rick was one of Schep’s first coaches, so its really cool getting an insight into what makes them both tick.