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040 – CAP Mentor Program ft. Will Landsbury

Schep and Danny are joined this episode of the podcast by Will Landsbury, a CAP Mentor Program alumni and wide receiver for Northwestern University.

The guys talk about what Will’s experience in the program was like, how his life has changed since he became a D-1 college football player and where he plans to use his abilities in the real world.

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039 – This Ocean Life Podcast’s Josh Pederson

Below is an excerpt from the show. The full transcript of the podcast is available upon request. 

“Welcome back to the Coastal Athlete Program. I’m your host Schep. We’re going to be sitting down with Josh Peterson of This Ocean Life.TV to talk about his podcast and what got him started in collecting the oral history of the people who not only find their recreation but sometimes their career, their lifestyle, their religion in and around the water.

Now, you guys may remember Josh. I’ve already appeared on his show, and we’ll talk about that a little bit during our episode. But for now, we’re going to go ahead kick it over to the credits. And then we’ll see you after that.

Welcome to The Coastal Athlete Program, presented by Apex Predator Athletics ‘Train Today, Survive Tomorrow.’ Now from shores of Monterey Bay, here’s your host Schep. 

Welcome back to the Coastal Athlete Program. Once again, I am your host Schep and I am joined in the studio today by my gorgeous, co-host Posey Blue Scheppler, who is currently asleep on my foot. You may hear her snoring as we get going.

Iam joined in today’s episode by the flow master of disaster, the silky smooth voice that soothes you on late nights in Santa Cruz on 90.7 KSQD. I got it right that time. The man who you see going through security and think, of course, that guy sitting next to me in the middle. And then you watch him come marching down the center all six foot four of him. Ladies and gentlemen, Danny White. Welcome back to the show.


038 – Cruise ships in Monterey Bay with Brent…

Monterey Bay needs aid!


There are currently 12 more scheduled cruise ships in Monterey Bay this year alone… Don’t change your profile picture, get off the sidelines and get in the game. The ocean needs you.

Schep and Brent Allen sat down to discuss the state of cruise ships in Monterey Bay and the risks posed by their continued encroachment on the preserve. The interview was originally recorded back in December, but the issue rages on here along the Central Coast.

We, the people, have been sold out by a small group of elected officials who have made a unilateral decision that puts the largest underwater preserve in the United States at risk. Cruise ships in Monterey Bay is a national issue, not something that a local city council should be allowed to sidestep in the name of short term profits.

If/when there is an incident involving a cruise ship, the impact will be felt along the entire Pacific seaboard.


Best resource

Brent Allen Outside’s blog post

The death and life of Monterey Bay






037 – CAP IS BACK! CAP Podcast “Return of…

Schep, Posey and Danny welcome you back to the CAP Podcast and offer up explanations for where we have been and what we’ve been doing since our last conversation. The group also gives you a sneak peek of what to expect this year and a few juicy samples of where we are going.

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