Category: WOD


Pool Guard Session 4 (PGS4)

2-3 minute warm up

5 min AMRAP

1 round

3 pull ups

5 burpees

10 air squats

15 4fk

then 3 min rest

EMOM 8 min

75m fs


Pool Guard Session 3 (PGS3)

2 min warm up

4 rounds for time (1-2 min rest between rounds, clock stops between rounds)

25m fs sprint

1 body retrieve from bottom

25m buddy tow


Pool Guard Session 1 (PGS1)

2-3 minutes for warm up

12 Min EMOM


25 fs + 10 push ups + 25m fs + 10 air squats


3 bottom of the pool touches + 50 css + 5 pool pushups


The Pool Guard Break Series

The next several workouts will be designed for pool lifeguards looking to use their breaks from the tower to improve their ability to respond.  Each session will be designed to last no longer than 20 minutes, but most will last 15 or so.

I hope you enjoy them, please post any scores in the comments section below.


A long way home

You never know when you will end up far off shore, getting pulled further out.  Be prepared both mentally and physically so that you can save your own skin and snatch any other souls you should pass.

700m fs/css

5 min tread for recovery then straight into

800m fs/css

2 min tread for recovery then straight into

200m fs/css

100 yards of shallow water running

welcome back to the beach, lucky you

50 push ups

50 lunges

50 4c flutter kicks

50 back extensions


Fill out your birdies and your udts

3 Rounds

30 push ups

40 walking lunges

40 broad jump burpees

max handstand walk (3 attempts)

bear crawl into the surf

out and back swim (this can be 25 yards at a heavy surf beach to 100 at a pond or lake, or anywhere in between)