Joe Jackson

Waterman Joe Jackson, USN Ret, co-founded The Coastal Athlete Program with his brother (allegidly) Schep in response to a request by a group of Navy Dive School canidates currently study at Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey, California. Blessed with eyes that see below the waves and enough field medic knowldge to resurrect Davey Jones himself, Doc Jackson big smile and bounding service dog Tuck are welcome sites on any beach they visit. Donning a wetsuit or a bikinii bottom Doc slides and surfs around the world facilitating ocean therapy for countless veterans.

After three years as an instructor and amphibious athlete with Apex Predator Athletics 2014, Joe has been absolutely vitial in the formation and operation of CAP.

He currently leads CAP Classes, WSSD, and co-host’s the podcast.

Joseph Jackson was born and raised in Modesto, Ca where grew up playing water polo and swimming in the Central Valley. Joe flashed talent in the water when he regularly qualified for sectionals, despite battling injuries through high school. As graduation approached, he felt the urge to serve and with his natural love of the water, the Navy seemed to be the natural choice for this budding patriot.

Joe enlisted in 2004, attended Hospital Corps “A” school (officially becoming “Doc”), then field medical service school before being assigned to the 1st Marine Division, Regimental Combat Team 5.  Petty Officer 3rd Class (HM3/FMF) Jackson deployed to Iraq in 2006, where he spent time in Fallujah working on an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) security team. Joseph medically retired from the Navy in 2009.

Since retiring, Doc has traveled the world spreading his positive message of fitness education, surf therapy, and advocating for Disabled Veterans rights. He has swum from Alcatraz, competed in Duke’s Oceanfest, and riden waves from Baja to Bondi.

Joe Jackson’s service dog Tuck can be found by his side when you see them out in town, but if he is wearing his working vest please refrain from touching Tuck or interacting with him.







Joe Jackson, USN Ret.