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045 – Bodyboarder Slater Thompson

Welcome back to the coastal athlete program. I am your host ship today. I am joined in-studio by one, the only DJ peanut butter and pickles. Aig AD, J doubles, aka DJ, delicate, a k a the blonde beauty dancer cruise. I’m not being on my new family ones. Ladies and gentlemen, the anyway, welcome back. Thank you. And of course, we have a very special guest today. We are joined remotely by the powers of the internet, and the ghost of sif jobs by the one. The only the intolerable Slater, Tom says, slayer, welcome to the show. Thank you. Good morning jet. Komo Danny, or Digital’s peanut butter. So it’s just as quick, it is chef. S C, H O, check got. Yeah. I understand that you live in Orange County chat is probably fairly common name there. Yeah, man. I knew a lot of jets when I lived down there, so cool. So we’re joined by Slater Thompson. Slater is a body Borer in all around ocean bad ass. Currently living in beautiful Orange County, California. I believe you said in corona del mar, right? No hunting speech you living beach. I’m sorry, man. I’m all scrambled up on this mosque ramble so you live in HP. I used to live in HP. I don’t think I told you this. But if you guys have ever if our listeners have ever been Huntington beach, and you’re going up main street away from the water, right? The road slightly banks to the left as it heads towards Huntington beach high. There are these old yellow mining shacks that have giant Redwood tree out in front. And they were shacks that were like used for the oil miners, back in the day in Orange County and I lived in one of those for a little bit. It’s like a little flop hats, but it was like, if I remember correctly forty pushes on my skateboard away from the waters. Edge. So is pretty sweet spot. I actually used to work in downtown downtown Huntington beach at Jax, ur, shop, I worked in the garage back in the day, so Slater you live in Huntington. H behi-. I do not I go to charter school called features academy. Nice and Slater comedy. I for a couple of reasons. First of all, this is the reason asked him on the show. You had the girl greatest way of asking your high school, lady friend to prom. How did you do that? How band so at my body word, which is a Hubbard Iran for that, and take a piece of poster paper to the bottom, and then I wrote on it, her name’s Kylie, Kylie, will you paddle your way to problem with me? So I don’t have to be there alone. As, as a writer, as a lover of puns, that was like there is hope for the future generation, you know what I’m saying? We understand that you guys get a lot of crap for, you know jewels and, and all the hipster stop. Let me tell you keep punting like that. We’re going to be all right in this country, we’re going to be all right. So just to back up a little bit like now that we’ve gotten that out of way. Tell me a little bit about who you ride for first, and then I wanna I wanna kinda get to why we had you on the shell shirt. So I ride for upwards body boards, and body, boarding a body workshop that’s an Yvonne reporting online. Right. He bodyboarding dot com. Yes, they’re online, mostly. They also have warehouse location that like is open to the public. But for the most part channel warehouse, that’s cool. And where is it do you know where they lifted? Yes. In committee, seeing for many have you ever been up there? We look the summer, they have like little vents and stuff or demo, days or California, body borders, a meet up and a lot do wanna at street. And so you bodyboarding always right down there, so, like, in terms of bodyboarding, ’cause, you know, normally we’ve talked to a lot of, by surfers, I’m not want necessarily you call a body border. Because I ride court boards court body boards from California surf craft. But, you know, I do associate quite a bit with the with the bodyboarding lights that what drew you to buy, ’cause it’s not exactly. The biggest sport Huntington beach. Yes. So my dad is super avid, surfer, like stand ups or leg regular and he started me out on a surfboard at Blackie’s Newport, when I was like two years old and served up until about twelve which is when I started union guards.

05:01 – 10:03

And I do junior guards in corona del mar maybe that was the misconception. It’s what I messed up. Yeah. And. John, that’s all shore Bank. So I couldn’t really circuit, but they had all these body works. So I just took one of those out and that I’ve spent love it. Nice nice end. Like, specifically is there anything about bodyboarding you enjoy. ’cause like I for one, I like to explain to people there is nothing quite like falling down the face of a wave head. I like that’s my bodyboarding embodies. Awesome, whereas surfing, you’re kind of far away from it. You can jump in Vail out like that. I love the commitment factor. Bodyboarding requires, what is it from you? That gets going. Oh, yeah. The job is a big one that for me it’s all about airs. ’cause like if you look at a sport like surfing, most of the maneuvers that like AVI drivers doing. They’re like turn snaps cutbacks. That’s worth thing. You really don’t start like getting in the air, unless you’re real Dida where someone ribs skill. Yeah. A high level move. Yeah. But for bodyboarding it’s all. Based around aerial maneuvers is just so much more, exciting smitty that Dutch keeps me so amped nice filling. If you are not following Slater on Instagram. It’s what is at Slater Thomson. Is that later underscore Thompson, Slater underscore Thompson on Instagram? It’s a pretty gnarly like concoction of airs that he puts out as well as some pretty sweet terms where do you get your motivation from when it comes to tricks? ’cause like growing up for me as a snowboarder it was guys like Peter line. It was guys like Kevin Jones guys like p Walker. That were really like pushing the sport into these new avenues, whether it be gybing or big mountain writing, or like really aggressively attacking like inversions in a in, in different types of light movements in the air who is it for you that really gets you there with bodyboarding? Oh my gosh. Just Hubbard handout, so critical story about him last year. Twenty eighteen. Yvonne, Gordon could on the first tabby to tour which was vacation where like a surf chip to tout Rua for body orders. And they had just Hubbard come as the celebrity guest, and I remember what he walked into, like the hotel where all hanging out like I have never been starstruck before. But I was like holy shit is Jeff Hubbard and spent the week, just watching him in the water is just mind boggling vase that he can do. And in the situations that he can do them in that he never ceases to amaze me with his writing million style. Nice. Is there any like appear that you have like a contemporary that you feel like really pushing in the water? I’ll, yes I’ve, like one of my best friends. His name’s Ethan everhart. He’s big in the surface Agassi. So we can have a good thing, back and forth, where he shoots nicer and that goes, really well, then he’s also always Jeremy on is really. A good friend. I I’m sure that you guys both have very appropriate him and break relationships with your significant others. But I just wanna let you know, like a body border Affreux tog referred, if you guys ever decide to like move to Hawaii or something. That would be really great reality show. I definitely I definitely pay the that I feel like you’d be fairly popular with, with the young ladies of, of the world, like, oh, I do the tricks, and he films them. I’m the artist. He’s the athlete like. Living. Great idea so Slater, like when it comes to like dieting, and getting still for I ride a lot with Joe who’s, who’s my buddy and people who listen to the show Joe’s been on countless times. And, you know, he’s he really is the he really is. Like, if you’re in the San Diego area, you got you to yourself to try and get out in the water, Joe because he’s such a positive experience so much fun like I like writing with Joe because Joe has his style, and I have my style and that way we never collide Jozo is going for like the nice long big beautiful line. And I’m the guy who’s, like I want the steepest drop like I don’t care if it’s a one point three second ride like I want to ride the people on the beach like what the fuck was. I think you know what I’m saying. So, like, what is it for you? What kind of do you have once you get into away? Do you feel like it is expression for you? Oh, yes, I highly special for me on a C like my whole life kind revolves around. Bodyboarding and being in the shit, and it always has always been, I was raised outlet and. But for me, I really like the good mix. I liked it goes crazies. I have when one of the conditions are crazy. But when I have an opportunity to get a really good long ride maybe get some combo maneuvers in a really love that too.

10:03 – 15:08

So depends on like where I’m at what the waves are doing. Like, for example, if I were to go to restaurants in Fiji, which I have like one of my favorite spots that lives super super long barely refrain. And there, you counted so fast you almost can’t really do maneuvers. Since kinda just outrunning you the whole time, but it’s insane. Insanely good barrel at you can just sit in the barrel for so long. But then if I were to go to let’s say seal beach pier on a big sweltering the winner, you get really steep drop. And then you got a raise it straight to the ramp in his Lord’s pull into a big barrel. And so it’s kinda different for me just based on where I am, with laser them. Nice nice. I, I guess I probably should have opened the show with a slayer. How old are you? I’m seventy so like it sounds like you’re saying you’re throwing things out there like Fiji and, and some pretty big name spots how how many days per year. Do you ride in? Are you would you consider yourself on track to becoming a professional body border? So it is a year. So there’s like three hundred sixty five days. Lee year, right? Probably like three hundred seventy as I’m writing see right? Just about every single day every day that I can. Yeah, lately, I’ve been having I have swimmers ear of been out for like two weeks. But yeah. Like back in June. I got a stress fracture in my elf live, while out Auty, boarding, and that was really gnarly. And I was out from that for like eight months, but up until the point that I had been hurt. I was just training so hard and surfing so much that was really on, like a good Jack and then those a little bit of a setback but it’s just coming around again, in then just gotta keep going until. What do you do when you’re hurt, will you, you can’t get in the water is it sounds like it’s such a major part of your life. Jadu start to go crazy. It was honestly like so bad, like couldn’t really sit, so’s just laying in bed all annuals. It was misery. Honestly, I kinda found some peace Mike making stuff. I like to make stuff things work on things that thing also story working on driving. To learn. Yeah, I only got my last two months ago. Are you are you driving on your own yet? Yeah. What are you? All right. What are you rolling up to the surf spot in? I remember the first car. I drove so. I drive a Florida explore. Okay. Okay. Biggles surf cars, grace it, everything in them with boards, all my friends perfect. That’s another thing is about by, like you can fit all your stuff in your car, not to deal with strapping into the roof and all that. Diety. What about shaping? Have you ever tried shaping your own stuff or like shaping fins or shaping boards or do pretty much roll with what they give you in terms of hub and what fins are you rocking? So before has writing for hub because I’ve only been working with them for a little over a year before them. I was constantly experimenting. Everything Philly sins leashes of boards board designs brand, or cores, everything that I could basically think, and where I really got that was my dad because he would do the same thing with surfboards and you would just finally in life investment. He would learn some things about it and I love Audie were much as he loves certain. And so the earlier the same thing ad. So I’ve kinda like I’ve got a thing here. Got a little collection here is an old Duffin. And I like if you had used in you know that when your body were in the cow. In the water a lot. So what I did was I trimmed off some of the edges on the rails, if this made it a little bit different design than took out the little w bump in the center. So instead, w comes to the just give it a little different shapes different feel just all sorts of staff, like I have been I like this. On modest collection. There’s the, the use fin bucket in frog house. Right. When I was like thirteen frog house in Newport Beach represent. Yeah. When I was like thirteen I was going in there like every weekend we like money, either some chores digging through the use bid box looking for something new to try out and just like I was always looking for the next thing in learning about what, what I had learnt when I found, basically, I have a funny story for about frog house for like, when I learned, how to serve it was like I served on the east coast with my buddies on rescue boards, outed, like, Chatham beach in Wellesley and stuff.

15:08 – 20:00

But that was like original style serving like surfing, fricken forty pound. Stability board. But when I moved to HP my buddy, Josh or poof, my buddy, Dave, my buddy, Pat, both like decided they were gonna take me surfing. One of the first places they ever took me out to learn was frog house. Right. So like that was one of the first breaks, I ever had to drop in on, like a short board on which was kind of kind of an interesting experience, but on a deeper level the guys at fraud house or super chill living in Huntington, and I had this roommate that a seven six that had a hole in the tip. It had no nose and had a hole in the back. So, like, basically, it just became one waterlogged biscuit almost immediately as soon as you’d like Pat allow we take it out to golden west and I’d like fall off of it and be like just let it die. And I would slim out and save it. So long story short, I go to frog house to look for used board. And they were like, all we have this town and country board from why like you should buy this, this one hundred sixty bucks and really stress. In that one sixty you know what I’m saying? I was like really going back and forth on snowboarder. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to invest in that moment I mean I had pro forms like one sixties new snowboard back then, and they were like just take it. And if you’re still using it in two weeks pay us. And if you don’t just bring it back, how fucking cool is. That’s right. Like they were already there Heller ad. So I love for frog. Plus they have deep connections with yoga. Have you ever tried yucca thins out? I was writing through by the time those came around, but I’ve seen them in shops, for sure. Have checked out there? Thanks, really good balance of designed because they can’t take after the viper design. Yeah it a little shorter. So it’s a little bit. It’s a little bit less like die. Thin more like a bodyguard fit. Let’s pressure. Yeah, but at the same time, it’s also got stiff rubber in the blade, but extremely offered in the flip. Talk it. And I think that’s really good balance of designing tearful yet. Sean Starke is doing some epic epic shit. You know, he lives right down the ninety areas. Well elliott. He rubs secrets black. Yup. Yeah. I had him put some pads, one of my pairs fins wants figures that nice nice. So tell me a little bit about course alike. I’m super interested in potentially getting myself body board because much as I love writing county serve craft in love the sustainability of it like when I when I slam on the deck like my, my serve craft is literally this that, right? It’s like three credit cards push together. It’s carbon-fiber fiberglass in court, not very forgiving for a bigger guy like me when I come down. So tell me a little bit about what you’ve learned about co workers. What’s the biggest difference out there because we have a lot of listeners that just don’t understand this all just C, P P and P and T T, and yada, yada. You know. Oh boy, I could go on all day about board. Course. So, like I’ve got behind me. These are aboard quad towards right? But they take for this one. They take a regular one point nine density, Polly grant so stiff Polly board, and they cut the Blake like a sandwich read like they cut it long ways. And then they put some this material tension tech in between the two and that sort of like a, a foam, and mesh combination that just makes the board so much more rigid, and then they take the top off of that body board sandwich. And I flip it upside down so that the outer outside edge is accurate or the rigid outside edge is actually against the tensions, and not creates just even more rigid and snappier court. But then at the same time that also makes data lot softer. So it’s easier on your body. Yeah. And I, I honestly like. I love it so much. It’s, it’s, so it’s I mean it kind of you need like power to ride it because it is really stiff new said, what type of courses p p yet. So this is there a upwards quad core. But it’s best with the famous PP’s does that have stringers in it yet, so the rut where the hub edition quad cores rather Siegel stringer than they also have the dovish in which is a job me personally. I don’t read that one because apparently writer, but those come with up to like two stringers I believe, and they come in all about two. Hellier stringer. Yes.

20:00 – 25:02

So stringer is basically of around rod of it could be. It could be any of these materials. I’ve seen the men out of graphite. I’ve seen the mid out of garbage climber, and I’ve seen the may not fiberglass, there’s a new technology called I s which is interchangeable stringer system. And I’ve got an I’ve not seen the stringers here. Here’s a stiff one. This was all carbon-fiber. Here’s a medium flex one. This one is like I believe twenty percent carbon fibre twenty percent five at work eighty percent fiberglass, and then the soft flex one, which is just fiberglass. And so we can really give you like a different flex for various based on how stipulate your board the waves Iran also the temperature of the water, you’re him because as you go from. When as you go from cold water, warm water. Just take bodywork put in warm water. The song inside the volume of the foam cells Lashley expand. So that makes the board plex here. Or quad core, which is really rigid. Really, really powerful board is really good for more water. I’ll take in quad courses Fiji, and Bali. And I’ve I mean they’re just the I mean I’ve taken everyone they’ve never had a Brown Claude court. It’s extremely stiff is extremely harmful. So when you take some power to loaded up because it is stiff, but once he loaded up it just snaps at it shoots you. It’s crazy. Nice. Nice and then feel like ours. Other types, of course, gathers p PP anarchy in P E. So p p is like the high quality foam, it’s poly PVC Republic rattle Ohka high quality foam water a stiff that is like the standard for professional body words, then there’s anarchy with his Holly pro Crawley Copeland. But it’s a softer density, so performs like a flex your board, but it’s still waterproof vendors polyethylene, which is P. And that’s your cheaper option. That’s. That’s basically, it’s not waterproof. But that would does what you would find in, like a cheaper board. Maybe in the more of a consumer board less of a high performance board. In other words, -actly also guys, like E for colour for cooler waters, like in the UK a lot of urban over the he about this. They like those because real cold over there. So, again, click with the hot water, how mix aboard flex your cold automaker board stiffer? So you do wanna flex your court, colder water power, you, like what’s hot water to you. What’s an example of water, I live in Monterey Bay like warm water here is like fifty degrees. All my, Josh did like fifty eight baby like Lowe’s, these if you’re lucky, but like it in the winters, it’s actually warmer summers. It’s cold out here. You can get down to the low fifties. That’s a trip hot water for me is like semi five eighty so. Do you, you just trunk for that right now? What to the just trunk in it? Lest you like the water temperature’s like that. That’s fiji. So there there’s a lot of coral reefs actually every spot is a quote wreath. So I wear a wetsuit top. That’s just for reef protection that makes sense. Yeah, just a little little bouncy. So, like, tell me a little bit more. Let’s go a little deeper Vince, that you’re currently using you said they use a pair of air fans. Right. Isn’t actually got feet, inap- hell. It’s my guy I have a pair of the red and blue ones. So those are asymmetrical Finn is there a major difference like I’m guessing you have a whole bunch since your sponsor by them? Is there a significant difference in that the stiffness based on the collar, no, I wouldn’t say, so I think that there, ’cause I have a bloom black there. And then I have the green glac pair and those, I mean, I’ve also gone up in sizes since writing for them, and I’ve never felt variation, they all seem really consistent, which is a good thing because other companies like like Churchill, for example of use those before drying, for hub, sometimes, you’d buy pair and stiff rubber all the way out of the end. So you end up with this really slacks thin, and then I’m end up with like up, you know, basically a concrete sin. And so it’s kinda weird. Also, not timespan that I was experimenting with gear. I was also growing constantly so at the same time that I’m trying new stuff. I’m also having to change up sizes.

25:04 – 30:00

That’s gotta be it’s gotta be a whole nother challenge. Like, in terms of what FEMA knew pervert is their reasoning prefer asymmetrical fin verse like a matching pair. Yes, there is so Hubbard’s makes to fence. They make the air helps in which is there a symmetrical bodyguards thin the straight edge? And then they make the dubs zero thins, and that is there, Johnny said that Hudson. It’s a lot longer lot more surface area. It’s so as also like a different design as in where they place, the stiffer in the softer, of course. On the air. The flip pocket is soft. The blade stiff on the dubs zero thin. The flip pocket is soft the rails and the base of later stiff with the tip is off. And that just kinda give because it’s so short just a little bit more band and that helps you get more power on your kick. Wchs. But for me, I like the as much from what I’m reading crowd. I do have a pair of the zero Vince, and those there for me feel like flip pocket is a little bit different feeling a little bit. Sinner top to bottom. So if it’s my little bit better because my feet are really thin, but there is less, you do get less power out of those because you have less surface area also. Of course. They’re great for drop me. Good. Sorry. Go ahead. The real similar designed to the to the teams blood cuts slightly different on the flip Hockett, and the drainage holes yet, to sponsors, a couple of body borders around here. Thank you, donate sponsor, the at least the central California by boarding group coordinator did. Slater. Thank you so much for that deep diving detecting giving under questions about by owning tech for move on. Yeah. So the stringer I was like a metal bar, basically, that’s inside of the board, carbon, carbon-fiber graphite, or what was the other night, material potty, everything that’s literally going straight to the board. Yes. So like if you were to look at the tail aboard there’s like a low plug in the middle of it, and you can rule that flip that plug up, put the stringer in, and then it provides a lateral, Irv ochre length, longitudinal stiffness. Sure. Slater, just like me Nate both of us terrible. Can perfectly articulate how this technology it gets back to me. And I’m like plugging thing. Well later did, thank you so much. Jerry questions before we got him one work. When when you say you get air Do you go on other side of the way, would you like give back into continue to ride the wave? Is that even possible? So the best thing section yeses to get up the act completely mid overt ’em continue on the live or continue. Currently Bosh in front of the land in a competition landing behind the way the county still score for it for the maneuver. But it’s incomplete. Turn up. All right. Look slater. Thank you so much having coming on. In fact, there’s so much. We didn’t get to that. Still wanna get you. We’d love to have you back on a second. Time if you if you’re available, so, of course, always any, any sponsors that you wanna plug before we cut you out. Yeah. Definitely Hubbard’s dated working with Jeff Hubbard Dave Hubbard and of course, their gear I’ve learned so much from both of them. And from their gear and just I mean, like the birds, I can’t even describe them at just have so much fun. When I ride him and just works. And that’s really, why support the company I was actually fully. I was actually rowing. Fully decked out hub gear before it was actually work or like sponsored by that’s, that’s the jet. That’s the limit endorsement right there. Like when it’s like I already have stuff, cool. We’ll just give you money. Call anybody else. Yvonne boarding. Yes. Bodyboarding as well there, the local shop at a San Clemente family on business. The owners are J real in Vicki real. Jay real is the first ever world champion for bodyboarding Vicky rely believes a national women’s champion for Australia, and I really look up to her lot. Because when we went to these the first time I on, we’ve out comback, twelve ten twelve foot, and I catch one with than kick out.

30:00 – 30:51

Get absolutely throttled by everywhere behind it and freak out scrambling to the boat. I’m like sitting in the boat. Catch my breath. I see Vicki catch an even bigger ways. And that embody NATO close out on the way. And then get hit by more wins than I did, and paddle, right back out like shit if he’s doing that. Like she is that’s like, seriously, racial. Right. That really made me like you know what actually do this? And I got I got there and I just charged Elia awesome, awesome. So go support Yvonne boarding, though, support goat by hub products on e body organs website, and in the comments mature to tell him that you heard Slater on the coastal athlete program Slater. Thank you so much on behalf of Posey. Dany Slater, and everybody else here. Coast lafley program were out, you.


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