Here at the Coastal Athlete Program, our staff prides itself on providing quality educational physical development in natural outdoor settings. The water can be a dangerous place, having experienced guilds and teachers allows the next generation of water rescue professionals to cut their teeth in a semi-controlled environment. We believe it is our duty to Mother Ocean to show others how to safely romp in the coastal zone without doing unnecessary damage to local environments.

When you come to a class or seminar please make sure to introduce yourself to Schep or Joe and their service dogs, they are always excited to meet new faces!  If one of our instructors has a dog by their side and it is wearing a service vest, please refrain from touching or interacting with it.  They are working at the moment and need to stay focused.


George Paul Scheppler, TSAC-F


Joe “Doc” Jackson

Schep & Joe lecturing during a Tactical Lifesaving Seminar to senior members of Del Ray Oaks PD, Salinas PD, and the California DOC.